Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Brushes is a painting app designed for OSX.

An OpenGL-based painting engine makes painting smooth and responsive.


– OpenGL-based painting engine
– Huge brush sizes up to 512x512 pixels
– Simulated pressure
– 14 parameterized brush shapes
– Adjustable brush settings (spacing, jitter, scatter, etc.)
– Adjustable color opacity

General Features:

– iCloud Driver support
– Shortcuts to make life easy
– Create paintings with dimensions up to 2048x2048
– Full support for all Retina devices
– Unlimited undo and redo
– Simple and approachable interface
– Drag and Drop to reorder Brushes


– Select Brush
– Create Brush
– Delete Brush
– Change Brush Size

Import/Export and Share:

– Integrated with iCloud Drivers
– Export as JPEG, PNG, and TIFF files
– Tweet paintings
– Post paintings to Facebook
– Share paintings via Mail,Message,AirDrop and More…
– Print your painting

Notification Center:

– Notify you with brush preview when Brush changed


  1. Is the 2048x2048 limitation ever going to be removed/increased?

  2. I just downloaded the app Paint Brushes and the brush will only paint about 3-4 inches away from the mouse. ALSO when I click File > New, the "blank" document it pulls up is all black except for a white rectangle on the bottom left side, (which is the only place that can be drawn on). I've uninstalled and re-downloaded 3 times.